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Herzlich willkommen auf der Internet-Seite der Friedens-Stadt Augsburg!
Wir möchten, dass viele Menschen mehr über unsere Themen erfahren können.
Aus diesem Grund sind viele Texte hier in Leichter Sprache.
Leichte Sprache ist gut zu verstehen.
Sie ist ein Mittel zur Barriere-Freiheit.
Hier können Sie auf die Leichte Sprache umstellen.

Alles klar!

Augsburg - City of Peace

The Peace Bureau

The Peace Bureau is an institution at the city of Augsburg's Department of Culture. It organises events such as, for example, the cultural program for the Augsburg Peace Festival, the Festival of Cultures, presentations and conferences. The Peace Bureau’s complex scope of work revolves around social diversity and the promotion of peaceful coexistence between the citizens of the Augsburg area - irrespective of origin, religion, hair colour, age, disability or sexual orientation. The Peace Bureau encourages civic discourse relating to other pertinent socio-political issues that concern the topic of peace, such as armament and refugee policy or anti-discrimination policy. It also fosters inter-religious dialogue at round-table talks between religious groups. One of the core elements of the Peace Bureau is its respectful and constructive work as part of a wide and diverse network of partners, clubs, artists, religious communities and the university.