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Augsburg - City of Peace

Series of Events

Themen der Friedensstadt

In addition to the programme for the Augsburg Peace Festival, the Peace Bureau of the city of Augsburg’s Department of Culture also organises various series of events and event formats. You can find an overview of the current series of events here:

DenkRaum (Space for Thought)

DenkRaum (Space for Thought) is a new form of cooperation between the City of Augsburg's Peace Bureau and the Adult Education Centre in Augsburg (Volkshochschule Augsburg). It provides people with an opportunity to talk to one another and discuss sociopolitical issues as part of a participative series of talks.

Augsburg Luther Anniversary 2018

Augsburg is celebrating another Luther-related anniversary in 2018 to mark the inquisition of Martin Luther by the Roman cardinal Thomas de Vio - referred to in Augsburg as “Cajetan”. Luther refused to recant his propositions and fled the city.

2017 - 500th Anniversary of the Start of the Reformation

For an entire year (October 2016 to October 2017), topics relating to the Protestant Reformation came to the fore in a number of different events. The motto “Profess courageously – argue peacefully” makes reference to the Augsburg Confession – Confessio Augustana – from 1530.

Augsburg Peace Talks

Personalities from the fields of science, politics, culture and sport address the topic of “Interculturality, migration, integration, diversity and inter-religious dialogue” in presentations and discussions as part of the series of presentations “Discourse on diversity and peace in the urban society of Augsburg”.

Peace of Augsburg  - Annual Conference

While focusing on certain priorities, the series of conferences to mark the anniversary of the Peace of Augsburg seek to establish how Augsburg, the City of Peace, can foster the cultural and religious diversity of the here and now.

Diversity Day

On “Diversity Day”, many of the companies that are based in Augsburg take part in events and workshops in an effort to provide valuable and innovative impetus for the development of the Diversity Charter.

The next Diversity Day will take place throughout Germany on 28 May 2019.